Visualize your music


Easy to use music visualizer for iPhone and iPad


It really whips the llama ass whipper's ass.

Import your sound

Wizibel likes many formats – MP3, WAV, AIFF, MP4. Import from iTunes*, Audioshare or "Open in..." from any app with Export functionality.

*Song import from iTunes requires the content to be downloaded to the same device. Songs in the “cloud” won’t be available.

Pick a theme

The initial version of Wizibel comes with six themes. More themes is on the way, so keep an eye out.

Tweak the settings

Every theme has a set of unique parameters that can be altered or changed. A parameter can contain an image, be the sensitivity of how a waveform should react to audio, a text string, a color or something else that is essential to the chosen theme.

Export a video

Videos can be exported to the camera roll or any installed app able to receive videos. The video resolution settings goes from 520p (low res) to 1080p (full HD).

Let us know

We’d love to know what you think of the app, so please engage with us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any suggestions or just want to share something cool you’ve made with Wizibel.

Hi-res images

New features:

v 1.4 (23 Aug 2017)
  • Project manager – save and edit multiple projects at once
  • New theme: Kaleidoscope (example)
  • New theme: Breaking News (example)
v 1.3
  • Automation - sync parameter changes to the timeline

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